9 Crosby Street, New York City, NY
( 646 ) 218-6400
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Summer In Our Own Words


The director's word

Truly Commitment

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Estival Concept

Just the sound of the word "Halkidiki,” can bring to someone’s mind thousands of images and impressions. The Estival Concept, however, comes with a new, different image, which is definitely impressive. In one of Kassandra’s most hidden corners, it manages to be so close and so far from everything at the same time.


If you are in the mood, you can sit on the terrace enjoying your breakfast, count the endless shades of green around. If you feel like it, the Xenia Xenia with the impressive beach bars that give their pulse to the Greek summer is extremely close. Of course, regardless of the rhythm of the day - or your night - there is something that is always by your side: us, for whatever you need.

Their unique interior design identity consistently follows the principles of the surrounding landscape.


Eight rooms, at the end of the Kassandra peninsula, just outside Paliouri.

The Essence

Μια εποχή που η χαλάρωση της μίας ημέρας μπορεί να διαδεχθεί την υποδοχή της νέας ημέρας ανάμεσα σε άπειρες πατημασιές στην άμμο.


Moreover, its conceptual approach in terms of creation justifies the second part of its name. From the construction materials to the breakfast menu, every choice has been chosen and designed around a central idea: our guest.

We are

Our Story

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